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State Representative Joe Zullo Announces Re-Election Bid for East Haven's 99th Assembly District Sea

East Haven State Representative Joe Zullo (R, 99) announced today that he has filed the official paperwork with the State Elections Enforcement Commission to seek re-election to the 99th assembly district seat representing the majority of the Town of East Haven.

Zullo announced, "Exactly one year ago, the people of East Haven entrusted me with the awesome responsibility of representing the ninety-ninth assembly district in our capitol. Throughout my first year, I have been a strong, passionate voice in opposition to new taxes and have worked to pursue common sense initiatives to streamline government, make our State more business-friendly, and to keep our State affordable for working class families, the elderly, and retirees. I am seeking re-election so that I can continue fighting for the people of East Haven and to keep our community and State affordable places to live, work, and raise a family."

Zullo, who was born in East Haven and is a nearly lifelong resident, is a partner with his father Alfred Zullo in the law firm of "Zullo, Zullo and Jacks, LLC" where he works as a legal advocate to a diverse group of clients. He served as town attorney from 2011 to 2019 and currently serves as a member of the Board of Directors of the Town's Chamber of Commerce, as the treasurer for the the Town's Fall Festival Committee, and as a member of the Town's Community Classic 5K Road Race Committee.

Zullo explained, "My roots run deep within our community. I am proud to have been raised here, to have started my professional career here, to be starting a family here, and to be representing our community in Hartford. I am an advocate for all-things East Haven. I not only love our community, I truly enjoy the job of representing East Haven in our capitol and I am hopeful the people of East Haven will return me to this position in November's election."

In conjunction with his campaign announcement, Zullo's campaign launched a full website at and re-tooled Facebook and Instagram accounts under the handle "staterepzullo." As part of the campaign launch, Zullo also announced that his fiancée, Danelle Feeley, will serve as his campaign treasurer and that fourth district town councilwoman Samantha Parlato has agreed to serve as his deputy treasurer.

Zullo added, "My fiancée is a fiscal wizard and I am thankful not only for her love and support, but that she is willing to lend her talents to my re-election campaign. I am also humbled and excited that Councilwoman Parlato will be assisting her. The Parlato name is synonymous with public service in East Haven and I am proud to have her as a central part of my team."

Zullo was elected last February in a special election to fill a vacancy in the 99th assembly district, taking 54% of the vote by a margin of 1,658 to 1,408. Following his swearing-in, he was appointed to serve on the Finance, Revenue, and Bonding Committee, the Veterans Affairs Committee, and the Housing Committee. Most recently, he was elevated by his caucus to serve as "ranking member" on the State's Housing Committee.

Zullo explained, "A few weeks ago, I announced that I would introduce and pursue initiatives to retool some of the State's affordable housing laws to create housing opportunities, to close loopholes exploited by developers, and to attempt to make our housing laws fairer for communities like East Haven. I am grateful to have been elevated as our caucus's ranking member on the Housing Committee and, if re-elected, will continue working with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to pursue common sense housing initiatives for the benefit of the Town of East Haven and the State of Connecticut."

In his first year as a legislator, in addition to opposing new sales taxes and taxes on small businesses contained in the Governor's biennial budget, Zullo co-sponsored legislation increasing penalties for the sale of the deadly drug fentanyl and addressing opioid use - topics he promised to address in his special election campaign a year ago. He also co-sponsored legislation increasing tax abatements for certain first responders, service members, and veterans having disability ratings.

Zullo noted, "I am proud of my fiscal record as a legislator and even more proud to have worked with colleagues on both sides of the aisle to address a number of quality of life issues affecting our community and residents across the State."

According to Zullo, he intends to participate in the State's "Citizen's Election Program," a grant program facilitated by the State of Connecticut which allows candidates running for public office who meet certain contribution thresholds to obtain public funds to run their campaigns. The program, which was established to help clean up elections and keep improper donations from funneling into campaigns, has become the preferred funding source for most general assembly candidates. In the upcoming November election, candidates who collect a minimum of 150 qualifying contributions between $5.00 and $270.00 from East Haven residents, and who collect at least $5,300.00 in total donations, are eligible to receive a grant of up to $30,575.00 to run their campaigns.

Zullo added, "I am proud to be participating in our State's clean elections program. We have already begun collecting qualifying contributions and I am confident we will hit the donation thresholds in the coming days."

Zullo concluded, "This year, more than ever across our State, we witnessed the importance of having strong, passionate voices in Hartford who are willing to hold the majority party and the Governor accountable on issues like taxes, tolls, and the budget. If re-elected, I will not only continue to work collaboratively and across the aisle to address the needs of our community and our State, but I will continue to work passionately to hold the majority party and the Governor accountable and to keep our community and State affordable places to live, work, and raise a family.

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