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East Haven State Rep. Joe Zullo Receives a Perfect Score on Connecticut Business Industry Association’s 2022 State House Voting Record

EAST HAVEN — This week, the Connecticut Business & Industry Association (CBIA), the State’s leading business organization with membership comprised of hundreds of small, medium and large-sized businesses around the state, recognized East Haven State Representative Joe Zullo (R-99) as one of the few members of the State House to receive a 100% score in support of legislation affecting businesses as part of the organization’s “2022 State House Voting Records” report. 


"As a small business owner in East Haven, I understand the fiscal and logistic challenges that businesses across our State face each day," said Rep. Zullo in response to CBIA's report. In my work in the legislature, I’ve supported common sense proposals to make it easier, and not harder, for small businesses to thrive and get ahead.”


Each year the CBIA grades Connecticut lawmakers' voting records in committee or on the House floor concerning an array of 'key bills' determined by the association to be of import to Connecticut’s business environment and economic stability. Tallied votes that support the business community's position reflect positively, while votes in opposition rendered a lower overall score.


Zullo added, “I’ve been proud to support an array of pro-growth and pro-job-creation initiatives, including legislation addressing our State’s critical shortage of manufacturing jobs along with proposals to remove barriers to professional licensure to those re-entering the workforce and a program to expand CDL license training opportunities.”


The 2022 session marks the third straight session that Rep. Zullo has received a perfect voting score (2019, 2021, 2022) from the CBIA (Voting scores from 2020 were not released due to COVID-19). 


Zullo concluded, “Inflation is affecting consumers and businesses alike and we need to be doing more to ease the burden on small businesses and industry in our State.  Growing industry not only creates new jobs, but generally eases the residential tax burden.  A pro-growth and pro-business agenda helps individuals and businesses alike and I look forward to continuing to advance initiatives next session to help businesses and families get ahead.”

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