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East Haven State Rep. Joe Zullo begins Adjunct Teaching Tenure at Quinnipiac University

EAST HAVEN — East Haven State Representative Joe Zullo (R, 99) announced today that he has joined the part-time, adjunct faculty ranks at Quinnipiac University and has begun teaching a class entitled “Business Law and Society” in the university’s school of business.


Zullo explained, “I’m thrilled to have been invited to join Quinnipiac’s adjunct team and to have an opportunity to work with young adults who are contemplating careers in both law and business.”


According to the Quinnipiac University course catalog, the course is intended to help students acquire “an understanding of the law as an evolving social institution rather than a static body of rules. Students read and interpret legal case reports as a means of keeping abreast of law that affects the business environment. Students learn the economic and social forces that have shaped and are now dictating the evolution of modern contract principles….  Ethics and social responsibility are addressed throughout.”


Zullo added, “The law is constantly evolving.  That phenomenon is evidenced best in our legislature where, each year, we fine-tune existing law and craft new policies that affect individuals and businesses.  I’m looking forward to being able to draw upon experience in the legislature to bring non-partisan context and background to some of the basic principals we explore each week.”


Zullo graduated “cum laude” from Quinnipiac University School of Law in 2011 after completing four years in the school’s part-time evening division. While at the school of law, he earned three “Distinguished Academic Achievement Awards” for the highest class grades in “Torts,” “Criminal Procedure Adjudicative,” and “Trial Practice” and was the recipient of the “CATIC Foundation Award” for the highest combined grades in "Real Estate Law" and "Property Law."  He was successful in his first sitting for the bar exam in July of 2011.


Zullo explained, “It’s also a thrill to return back to campus.  Although the law school has moved to a state-of-the-art facility on the university’s North Haven campus, I have the privilege of teaching in the “Center for Communications and Engineering,” which is housed in the former law school building where I attended classes.  In fact, my assigned classroom this Spring is the very room where I took my introductory ‘Legal Skills’ class during my ‘1L’ year.  There’s certainly a bit of nostalgia about the whole endeavor.”


In announcing the new endeavor, Zullo cited his volunteer work in the East Haven school system and a former town teacher as factors in his decision to take on the new post.


“In my time working in Town, I always found the time I spent with students in our schools to be both rewarding and impactful.  It was Liz Franco, who has since retired to take a position as the town’s recreation director, who helped me cultivate that passion about teaching.  She would always invite me down to Momauguin School to work with students and it was there that I learned that I really loved education.  She was one of the most enthusiastic and dedicated educators I’ve ever met and she really inspired me,” said Zullo.


While Zullo expressed excitement about the new endeavor, he also noted that he’s limited himself to teaching only one section for the time-being, to allow him to continue to meet his obligations as a legislator and the demands of his private practice.


“I certainly don’t want to spread myself too thin.  I’ve made commitments to my clients and to constituents to be a vigorous advocate.  This class meets in the early morning twice each week for seventy-five minutes and I’m lucky to have the flexibility and capacity, thanks to my partner and staff, to be able to take it on,” said Zullo.


Zullo concluded, “I’m beyond thankful to Quinnipiac University, including Associate Dean Michael Taylor, for the invitation to join their teaching community.  In my time in the law program, I had several teachers who had a profound impact on my studies and my professional path.  I see this as an exciting opportunity to give back to a community that gave me so much and, hopefully, to help young adults better understand the law and position themselves for careers in law and business.”

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